Are You Feeling Black And Bossie?

Donovan Green

The Black Wall Street event gives the chance for the entrepreneurs on campus to showcase what kind of services they can provide to students and faculty. From things like food to clothes to beauty, it’s a very nice variety of things that the “consumer” can get into. Another big thing is that with this, it’s giving the students a chance to make connections with other people, specifically other students, for future interactions when they need something. Someone who is familiar face to the Black Wall Street scene is Senior David Fowler with his family care products, Black & Bossie.

All the products are formulated from quality 100 percent natural ingredients. The product range stretches from shea butter all the way to candles. The company was founded over 28 years ago by his grandmother, Mary Boler Washington. The company is now being run by the 2nd generation of that family which starts with David’s mother. With that, he himself decided that the people of K-State should be introduced to what Black and Bossie can do for you.

Some of the products that are offered are things like the creme moisturizer which is combined with bee pollen, pathenol, aloe vera, and vitamins E and B5. These ingredients combined are used to aid in the strength and health of a person’s hair. You can see similar types of ingredient combinations in each and every product that Black and Bossie sells. Others would include Natural Braid and Body Oil, Whipped Shea Butter, Loc Butter, and an “All-n-One” conditioner. All the products also leave behind a pleasing fragrance.

The big product that is the most interesting is the 3-N-1 Soy Candles. It’s quite literally three products in one. Not only does it work as a candle that leaves behind what they describe as a “soothing fragrance”, you can rub the oil from the candle on your skin as a moisturizer. Since it’s soy candle oil instead of wax, it doesn’t get hot when it melts calling it the “ultimate green product.” All these products are on the affordable side with the most expensive being the soy candle at 13 dollars and the rest of the products ranging between eight to ten dollars.

If you think you might be interested in trying something out from the Black and Bossie product line, you can contact David Fowler at [email protected] or his phone number, 513-304-5769.