Thorobreds making name on the gridiron

Isaiah Brown, Editor

  An answer we’ve all been waiting for is here. Welcome to a new beginning of Kentucky State University football, as head coach Charlie Jackson and his team have gotten off to a strong start early in the season. 

After defeating Jackson State University in the Circle City Classic game on Sept. 28, the Thorobreds currently have a 2-1 record, with wins against powerhouse Division 1 schools and a top Division 2 school in the country.

Coming off a 12-game losing streak from last season, some might question why Jackson decided to go up against such tough opponents with expectations to come out on top. 

What does it take to come in, take over a team that’s had so much criticism and downfall, and redirect them on a new path? 

Well, throughout the absence of the previous coaching staff, a lack in the quality of equipment and facility, in addition to all the physical and mental struggles that were placed upon the players before, the efforts to get the reputation of the Kentucky State football team back on track was successful due to a passionate concern and dedication to caring for student athletes, not just their performance on the field, but their overall character as students as well. 

Numerous obstacles have been hurdled to bring about this change. 

Players have not only improved in the academic setting, but the relationships between players and coaches, and the tolerance for distinguishable performance have played a huge factor in the contribution of the team’s turn-around. 

Often, we don’t see such great leaps like this so quickly, as it can be difficult and takes a lot to accomplish what the team already has displayed. 

We’ve always had such great potential, and now that the right tools have been incorporated into our athletic institution, we have a bright future ahead of us. 

Not only does it require all these essential needs in order to produce a great football team like Kentucky State’s, but the support of the students and the school along with it. That’s why it’s important we realize this and continue to come together and support our football team. 

With new recruits joining the field, tons of excitement await this year’s football season, and the players are ready to display their hard work. 

Editor in chief  Isaiah Brown may be reached at [email protected]