Womans Sports & COVID-19

Grant Goode

All women collegiate sports are stopped for the remainder of the year and it’s sad because many of these athletes want to compete until their seasons are over.


For Kentucky State women’s sports, I know and understand that these athletes are disappointed that their seasons came to an end because of the pandemic. The women’s softball team wasn’t even half way through their season, but the covid-19 virus and the school has put a stop to it. The last game KSU softball played was on March 12 against Savannah State University in a win of 7-6.


“We were just getting ready to really takeoff in our season. I’m a senior and I don’t even know if I’m going to even get my eligibility back” said Sasha Allen.


The women’s track team also has had their season stopped. The last meet was on Feb. 7 at the Cedarville Invitational. Though the women’s track team can’t compete, some of them stay in-shape by running a couple miles by themselves.


“It sucks that our season has ended because we were really looking forward to competing in more meets this spring” said Alaria Long


As for around the nation, let’s take women’s basketball for example. Women’s basketball couldn’t even compete in the March Madness tournament. March Madness is arguably the biggest event of the year and its sad that they ant compete for a championship. Then it’s even worse for the seniors because this year of eligibility will not be granted back to them. All because of covid-19.


Even women tennis players aren’t even able to compete in matches. It’s not even a contact sport but that’s even put to a halt. Obviously there will be crowds of people but still. The way the covid-19 virus effects everyone is truly outrageous.


The covid-19 pandemic has put a stop to all sports this spring around the nation, including Kentucky State University. Covid-19 is a virus that was brought to America by someone who has traveled from China. In a laboratory test, it was found that it can spread person to person very quickly. Though there is no vaccine for it, ways to prevent it is to keep hands out of the face area, wash hands very frequently and cough into the elbow.


The covid-19 is a virus where people need to practice social distancing from each other. Because we need to be socially distant, there’s no sports to even play or even watch. No collegiate women’s sports are playing the rest of the season and it’s all because of the spread of the covid-19.