Women’s Basketball outlook


Josh Wilkerson, Sports

The women’s basketball team will have a season. They have been put into a “bubble” to restrict them from any outside contact. There are many sacrifices the players will have to make and variables that will go into it for this season to work.

“It’s a tough task, but at the end of the day, we just want to play and have a season, so we will do whatever we have to do to compete,” senior Erica Jones said.

The team moved into Young Hall in late November, and are not allowed to step off campus. They will train and practice all through December while staying on campus. The team will not be able to go home for Thanksgiving nor Christmas. The players are tested for Covid-19 three times a week. If someone produces a positive test, they have to quarantine for fourteen days, which is crucial to the season. The season has been cut to twelve games, all within the conference. The first game is scheduled for Jan. 9 at home road against Miles College. As of now, there will be no fans allowed to attend the games. However, all the games will be streamed live online.