Kentucky State Hire’s New Track and Field Head Coach

Josh Wilkerson, Sports

Kentucky State University has hired Cecil Ward to be the new track and field coach. Ward brings experience, skill, and passion to the track team. He is eager with determination to elevate the track and field program back to the heights it once was.

Ward took the job for an abundance of reasons: the history of Kentucky State, the challenge, and the skillful knowledge he wants to share. “Kentucky State has great history,” Ward said, “they had a really good track program under Coach Gibson many years ago. And I was retired, but when the opportunity presented itself, I wanted the challenge to bring it back to where it once was. I want to take this program to another level. Also I believe if you have a skill, you should share it. I am bringing skills from all the coaches that molded me. We have some really good athletes here that just need fine tuning. I can provide them with some of the best coaching in the country.”

Ward is also ecstatic about the facilities. “We have everything we need,” Ward said, “new track, indoor facilities, nice weight rooms. The athletic director gave me respect for my skill and knowledge. I believe it is the right spot at the right time.”

Due to circumstances caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic, the track team has not been able to practice like normal. Ward stresses safety is the main thing. A lot of workouts have been sent to players via zoom meetings. “It will take patience,” Ward said. “When we are cleared, we are going to get after it.”

However, Ward has not slowed down recruiting. He plans on bringing in a lot of new talent. One of the main things he looks at are athletes’ academics. He recruits athletes with good grades and test scores. He has spoken with many athletes out of state that want to come to Kentucky State, and he is also still recruiting students on campus.

The indoor track season has not been scheduled yet, but Ward is working on getting some indoor meets scheduled. He is optimistic about having an outdoor season this spring, which gives the team time to train and work with Coach Ward