McConnell Announces Nearly $204 Million in Additional Boost for Kentucky Higher Ed

Ma’Rico Holland II, Editor

Frankfort, Ky. – Kentucky State University is slated to receive a little over $2.8 million from a federal aid package. KSU officials were unavailable for comment Friday evening.

U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell announced that Kentucky colleges and universities were allocated a total of $203,628,298 to support students and campus communities during the coronavirus crisis. The federal funding, distributed by the U.S. Department of Education, was made available by the additional, targeted COVID-19 rescue legislation.

“Kentucky’s colleges and universities have taken bold and innovative steps to protect their campus communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m proud to announce these additional federal resources that will support students as they pursue their education and reach for their goals,” McConnell said in the press release announcing the funding.

This aid package is part of multiple moves made to help fund education in Kentucky as Sen. McConnell announced a nearly $1.8 billion allocation of funds. This relief package allows the Kentucky schools to aid their students financially very similarly to the (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security) (CARES) Act last year.

Below is a list showing the amount received by the other public, four-year universities in Kentucky, including KSU.

Eastern Kentucky University $18,411,187

Kentucky State University $2,817,902

Murray State University $ 10,236,236

Morehead State University $11,119,678

University of Kentucky $26,729,420

University of Louisville $20,434,285

Western Kentucky University $18,748,413