Team Lebron wins $750,000 for the Thurgood Marshall College Fund

Ma’Rico Holland II, Editor

Frankfort Ky- All-Star weekend for the NBA concluded with the main event All-Star game between Team Lebron vs Team Durant. The opposing sides chose a charity that they would donate $300,000 too if their team won. Lebron James of team Lebron chose the Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Kevin Durant chose United Negro College Fund. Below is a quick breakdown of the ASG rules and how each team earned for their respective organizations.

A quick breakdown of how the All-Star game rules

  • The game starts at 0-0 and each organization will receive an initial $500,000 contribution.
  • The winner of each individual quarter wins $150,000 for their respective organization they chose.
  • At the end, the winning team of the entire game receives another $300,000 on top of any earned money throughout each of the quarters.

Team Lebron won the game with a score of 170-150 earning them the initial $300,000. On top of that, Team Lebron won each individual quarter with scores of 40-39, 60-41, and 46-45. Winning these three quarters earned Team Lebron the maximum amount of $750,000 for TMCF.

These donations were a part of the NBA’s initiative to focus on HBCU’s and minority groups throughout All-Star Weekend. HBCUs produce around 20 percent of the country’s African American college graduates but only account for three percent of all colleges in the United States. These schools were particularly impacted by COVID-19, experiencing drastic declines in funding and enrollment. This is already on top of low funding that HBCU’s have received overall.  More than $3 million dollars was donated to HBCU’s and minority organizations through the 3-point contest, the dunk contest, skills challenge, and other events going on throughout the weekend.