Disney’s Streaming Service Making a Big Impact in the Industry

Donovan Green

FRANKFORT, Ky. – Streaming services have quickly taken over the number one spot in everyone’s home when it comes to entertainment. In addition to watching all your favorite television shows on your television, you can also view it on your phone, laptop, gaming console and just about any smart device. Smart TVs are now coming equipped with those streaming services basically telling you to forget about cable TV. No more of the days of having to wait a week to see what happens next when all the episodes are right there at your exposure for you to kick back and binge.

When Netflix introduced their streaming option in 2007, it was a game changer. No longer did you have to go to the store to rent movies and TV shows or order them through the mail. Those same movies and TV shows were now right at your fingertips for you to watch as you please. Others streaming services like Hulu, Amazon and eventually YouTube saw the success of this and started following suit with their own streaming platforms. In late 2019 though, Disney joined the ranks with their streaming service, Disney+.

In addition to an entire catalog of shows and movies from the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars universe, Disney was also making their own original series based around those properties except they were bringing back a television practice from the past. Instead of giving you the entire season from the start, they brought back what is commonly referred to as “appointment television”. They keep you coming back each week to see what happens next just like how television used to be before streaming took over the entertainment game.

Disney took a chance with bringing back this old school formula but it has clearly been working for them as it is well received by viewers. The numbers also speak for themselves with Disney+ having over 94 million users as of January and it’s only going to go up with a lineup they have planned for the future. Marvel Studios WandaVision debuted in January of this year to critical acclaim keeping people on the edge of their seats week after week to see what happens next.

Disney+ has also announced several new Star Wars and Marvel shows after seeing the success of The Mandalorian and WandaVision and it’s only going to boost the popularity of the streaming service even more.