Cafeteria conditions and changes

Elevations and infestations

Kha'Lea Wainwright

FRANKFORT, Ky. — The Underwood Cafeteria has gone through many ups and downs, according to the students of Kentucky State University. 

There has been incidents regarding roaches in the Underwood cafeteria. The Staff reassured students immediately after the first complaint that they have sanitized and cleaned the appliances thoroughly.  

Soon after that, student Erica McKind, a junior at Kentucky University had a very similar situation. 

“I was flabbergasted and mainly in shock, I couldn’t pull my phone out fast enough. It was crawling on the ice and then crawled up the machine…I wasn’t even thirsty anymore,” McKind said. “I lost my appetite…roaches in Underwood, and at that point it’s an infestation.”  

The Underwood Cafeteria staff informed students that there was an exterminator inside the facility Friday evening, Feb. 17, and the space was fumigated and will continue to be inspected for the next couple of weeks. 

 “I expect the bare minimum from the Cafe… I don’t always want to feel like I have to go out for food or a drink, it shouldn’t be like that.” Said Ashley Koffi, a psychology major, at Kentucky State University.  

The Underwood Cafeteria staff has heard the students complaints and have decided to implement some new changes.  

The staff has begun informing students of the menu for the week ahead of time and they are also supplying vegan and vegetarian options. The students now have had the opportunity to rate the cafe on specific days. The staff has also welcomed students to now request meals throughout the week.  

Executive Chef Ebony said, “Starting February 13th, I will have a cook for the vegetarian station and she is vegan herself so she can definitely help with options.” 

The Underwood Cafeteria has enforced the use of reusable takeout containers to save money and to cut back on the waste. Students will be allowed to initially purchase a container and swap the used one for a clean one, whenever they’d like to take food to go. If the student fails to bring their original takeout container the next time they’d like food to go, they must purchase a new one. 

There are some students excited about the cafeteria changes.  

“I’m looking forward to friendlier staff… and the desserts have definitely improved”,aid Meyah Eiland, a junior child development major. 

Damen Shorter, a senior music major said, “I’m excited for the changes, I love the cafe… It’s top five!”